All successful people are readers, especially in the field where they have succeeded or want to succeed. One of my role models, Dr David Oyedepo, once said, “I could have the largest, personal library in Africa.” No wonder his achievements are mind-boggling.

 If success is your dream and you are determined to obtain this dream, you need to know that studying in the field where you want to succeed is a must. If you seriously want to succeed, you have no choice but to start cultivating good study habits right away. Without studying, you are likely to fail in the pursuit of success. Continue reading SUCCESS TRAIT TWO – THE HABIT OF STUDYING

Success Trait One: Possessing an Entrepreneur Thinking Mind

It sounds like an insult to state that most people living on planet earth do not think. It sounds this way because most of us have mistaken thinking to just having thoughts float in our minds involuntarily. That’s not the kind of thinking that makes people succeed. It takes intentional and calculative thinking to birth and process money making ideas. Continue reading Success Trait One: Possessing an Entrepreneur Thinking Mind


Is it Scriptural that we can come out of poverty and prosper by giving?

One of the questions that has been on my mind for a long time is why so many Christians, who believe in financial prosperity through giving and give faithfully, still remain poor?  Take me seriously; this is not fiction. Many Christians are poor in spite of their many years of paying tithe and giving.

If you are a Christian, you have heard it preached Sunday after Sunday, in the church, that the only way a person can come out of poverty is by giving. It has been taught emphatically that your level of giving determines your level of prosperity.

Continue reading Giving