The Myth of Love in Marriage

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This article is an extract from Chapter Four of my book, Why most Wives are Crazy and most Husbands are Stupid”, and it is primarily written for women.

Hi ladies! Here is one of the common mistakes that land most women into relationship problems. They think love is the most important thing in a marriage relationship and it is what causes people to get married. This erroneous thinking causes most of them to fall in love senselessly. Once they fall in love, they cannot tell the difference between light and darkness or the truth and a lie. Everything becomes bright and truth. They drive on the highway of love in a high speed, jumping all red lights, until they are at the altar to say I do.  It is only two or three years later, if that long, that they will wake up one morning and say, “I saw this and that, but it was alright because I thought he loved me.” Continue reading The Myth of Love in Marriage