In my previous article I gave two reasons that contribute to most people’s failure to achieve success or becoming late in their pursued for success. I will continue with the same topic by giving the third reason

The third reason why most people fail to succeed, early in life, is the inability to listen and to follow instructions. The ability to listen and follow instructions is one of the abilities that most successful people possess. They have the ability to sit and listen, and then apply or implement what they have learned. I find that most people fail in life or delay their progress towards success because they have no skills of listening and following instructions.

Pursuing success is like following a Global Positioning System going to a destination where you have never been before. If you can follow the GPS correctly, you will surely arrive at your intended destination. Continue reading HOW TO SUCCEED WHEN IT SEEMS LATE IN LIFE: ARTICLE 3


In my previous post, I indicated that it is the desire of every normal thinking person to succeed, and to succeed early in life. Unfortunately, it does not happen this way for the majority of us. Only a few manage to succeed and be financially independent, early in life. The majority of people see years passing by without achieving their aspirations and dreams.
In this article I will discuss why most people fail or find themselves late in the pursuit of success. Here are some of the reasons we have to consider: Continue reading HOW TO SUCCEED WHEN IT SEEMS LATE ARTICLE 2




Dr. Joseph Kansema

I share the feelings of every one of you who feel like you are late in the pursuit of success. I may not know the situations and circumstances you are in, but I know how it feels to realize that years are passing by without having achieved most of your life dreams and aspirations.

I know how it feels to be late in life and to see most of your colleagues ahead of you; and worse, to be treated by those close to you like you will never amount to anything in life. I have been there. Continue reading HOW TO SUCCEED WHEN IT SEEMS LATE IN LIFE

Understanding The Battle of Callings

I want to share with you one of the most important truths that will change your life and help you to win the battle that will be a deciding factor in the fulfilment of God’s purpose upon your life. You may know or may not yet know that there is an assignment from God upon your life. Whichever the case, read this article.

Have you wondered why your life has been full of challenges and unexplainable complicated problems? There is an invisible enemy who has declared war against you because of God’s assignment upon your life. Continue reading Understanding The Battle of Callings


Although witchcraft is the number one spiritual enemy of humanity, many people, including Christians do not really know what witchcraft is. As a result, there are a lot of people, including Christians, who are either witches or bewitched. Many professing Christians come under the control of witchcraft while thinking they are submitting to God’s authority and anointing of the Holy Spirit.

What is witchcraft?                         

Let me give you what I believe is the right definition of witchcraft. Witchcraft is the corrupted or perverted anointing of Lucifer which he uses to advance his rebellion as a fallen angel. It is the supernatural power that he possesses and shares with humans who are under his dominion and serve him.

Through this power or Lucifer’s perverted anointing, servants of the devil and Charismatic witches are able to perform supernatural acts. Just as anointed servants of God are able to perform supernatural acts by the anointing of the Holy Spirit, servants of the devil can also perform supernatural acts by the power of witchcraft. The only difference between the two supernatural acts is their source. One is from the Holy Spirit and the other is from the devil. Continue reading THE POWER OF WITCHCRAFT


The voting in of Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa as the African Nation Congress (ANC) president is a major historical event in South Africa. Hope for a better South Africa has been restored in the minds of many South Africans. He is the best man that ANC could have voted as its President and likely, of the country.

However, Mr Ramaphosa, with his undoubted capabilities, may not solve the problems of the nation as most of us think. The reasons behind the problems that our nation is facing are more than political. Therefore, it will require more than having a good political leader to solve these problems.

Behind most of the problems that the nation is facing are spiritual principles that are being violated. The violation of these spiritual principles may lead to the fall of the nation if they are not corrected. Here are five major principles that are prominent in determining the rise and fall of great leaders and their nations. Take the time to read and judge for yourself. Continue reading RAMAPHOSA MAY NOT BE THE REAL ANSWER FOR SOUTH AFRICA

The Myth of Love in Marriage

Thank you for choosing to read this article. It is people like you who encourage me to continue writing. I am aware of the fact that I could not be a writer if no one read what I write. I highly appreciate the time you take to read my posts on this blog.

This article is an extract from Chapter Four of my book, Why most Wives are Crazy and most Husbands are Stupid”, and it is primarily written for women.

Hi ladies! Here is one of the common mistakes that land most women into relationship problems. They think love is the most important thing in a marriage relationship and it is what causes people to get married. This erroneous thinking causes most of them to fall in love senselessly. Once they fall in love, they cannot tell the difference between light and darkness or the truth and a lie. Everything becomes bright and truth. They drive on the highway of love in a high speed, jumping all red lights, until they are at the altar to say I do.  It is only two or three years later, if that long, that they will wake up one morning and say, “I saw this and that, but it was alright because I thought he loved me.” Continue reading The Myth of Love in Marriage


All successful people are readers, especially in the field where they have succeeded or want to succeed. One of my role models, Dr David Oyedepo, once said, “I could have the largest, personal library in Africa.” No wonder his achievements are mind-boggling.

 If success is your dream and you are determined to obtain this dream, you need to know that studying in the field where you want to succeed is a must. If you seriously want to succeed, you have no choice but to start cultivating good study habits right away. Without studying, you are likely to fail in the pursuit of success. Continue reading SUCCESS TRAIT TWO – THE HABIT OF STUDYING

Success Trait One: Possessing an Entrepreneur Thinking Mind

It sounds like an insult to state that most people living on planet earth do not think. It sounds this way because most of us have mistaken thinking to just having thoughts float in our minds involuntarily. That’s not the kind of thinking that makes people succeed. It takes intentional and calculative thinking to birth and process money making ideas. Continue reading Success Trait One: Possessing an Entrepreneur Thinking Mind

How to Succeed Late in Life

Success has no age limit. You can succeed at any age if you are ready to do what it takes for you to succeed. There are many people who struggled in life but succeeded when they were in their late 40s, and some, even in their 50s.

Mr Colonel Sunders founded the KFC franchise at 65. Mr Ray Kroc joined the McDonald brothers when he was 52 and later bought their restaurant. By the time he died at age 81, his personal fortune amounted to about $500 million and the McDonald franchise was worth about $8 billion. Dr Nelson Mandela became the President of South Africa at the age of 77, after having 27 years of his life wasted. Continue reading How to Succeed Late in Life