In my previous article I gave two reasons that contribute to most people’s failure to achieve success or becoming late in their pursued for success. I will continue with the same topic by giving the third reason

The third reason why most people fail to succeed, early in life, is the inability to listen and to follow instructions. The ability to listen and follow instructions is one of the abilities that most successful people possess. They have the ability to sit and listen, and then apply or implement what they have learned. I find that most people fail in life or delay their progress towards success because they have no skills of listening and following instructions.

Pursuing success is like following a Global Positioning System going to a destination where you have never been before. If you can follow the GPS correctly, you will surely arrive at your intended destination.Most people fail in their pursuit of success or are delayed because they pay no attention to the GPS of life. They are busy trying to make things happen. Unfortunately, very little or nothing happens in their lives.

You can easily tell a person who will eventually succeed by the way he or she is eager to receive guidance or learn from people who have succeeded or have achieved a lot in the field where he or she is pursuing success. The books a person reads and who his or her mentor is, can also be a good indicator that the person has a higher chance of succeeding. This is because who we listen to and the books we read make us. Mentors and books are GPSs for success.

Most people who consider themselves to be highly talented find it difficult to sit under the guidance of a mentor and get instructions. They confuse being talented with having knowledge and skills. Talents and gifts are given undeservingly, that is why they are called gifts. But putting them to use and profiting from them require knowledge, understanding and skills.Unfortunately, talents and gifts do not come in the same package with knowledge and understanding. Knowledge and understanding are acquired by learning, and learning requires a teachable attitude.

Most of us believe that it is God’s will and desire to bless us materially, and it is true. God wants every one of us to be financially blessed. However, what most of us do not realise is that God usually wraps His blessings in instructions. That is why listening diligently and obeying His voice was the condition on which God promised the children of Israel the life of prosperity and abundance.

Maybe you believe and look forward for a day when you will meet wealthy people, who you hope would give you financial capital to help you get started in your business.

You are totally mistaken. Just like God, wealthy people do not dish out money. Even if you may find favour with them, the likelihood of them giving you money is very low. Instead, they will talk to you and give you instructions on how to create wealth.The inability to listen and obey instructions is one of the reasons why many people fail or become late in pursued of success. If you will ever turn things around and succeed, you need to develop the skill of listening and obeying instructions. It is who you listen to and whose instructions you obey that will make a difference in your life.

To be continued.

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