Understanding The Battle of Callings

I want to share with you one of the most important truths that will change your life and help you to win the battle that will be a deciding factor in the fulfilment of God’s purpose upon your life. You may know or may not yet know that there is an assignment from God upon your life. Whichever the case, read this article.

Have you wondered why your life has been full of challenges and unexplainable complicated problems? There is an invisible enemy who has declared war against you because of God’s assignment upon your life.

Most men and women, who had important assignments from God, were targeted by the devil, just like you, and were subjected to painful and unexplainable complicated problems. The only difference between those who succeeded and those who failed was how they responded to those problems. Here are some cases you need to consider:

Most women who gave birth to children, who had God’s assignment upon their life, were barren. Sarah, the mother of Isaac, was barren. Rebekah was also barren, just like Rachel. Hannah, the mother of Samuel, was barren, just like the mother of Samson and Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist. The barrenness of these women was not coincidental. It was the battle of callings at work.

When Moses was about to be born, a law was passed which stated that all male Hebrew children should be killed at birth. The devil orchestrated the passing of this law just to eliminate Moses. It was the same with Jesus. The devil killed all the male children in Bethlehem from the age of two years and under, just to eliminate Jesus.

That is how far the devil can go when he identifies a man or woman with an assignment from God. Unfortunately, you may be one of the men or women that the devil has identified. Hence, he has targeted you and passed you through endless problems.

My purpose of writing this article is not just to show you that there is a battle of callings upon your life, but to also equip you enough so that you win the battle and become the person God has meant you to be and thus, fulfil your assignment. I will show you how to win this battle in my next post.

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5 thoughts on “Understanding The Battle of Callings”

  1. Great article outlining an issue that most christians grapple with. It is an issue that receives very little attention within the church resulting in christians being ill equipped to fight and conquer.

    Looking forward to reading the next article.

  2. Wow ! Powerful words of wisdom and Profound ..Thank you so much Mfundise…Just opened my eyes of understanding!!!! Thank you and stay blessed…

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