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The voting in of Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa as the African Nation Congress (ANC) president is a major historical event in South Africa. Hope for a better South Africa has been restored in the minds of many South Africans. He is the best man that ANC could have voted as its President and likely, of the country.

However, Mr Ramaphosa, with his undoubted capabilities, may not solve the problems of the nation as most of us think. The reasons behind the problems that our nation is facing are more than political. Therefore, it will require more than having a good political leader to solve these problems.

Behind most of the problems that the nation is facing are spiritual principles that are being violated. The violation of these spiritual principles may lead to the fall of the nation if they are not corrected. Here are five major principles that are prominent in determining the rise and fall of great leaders and their nations. Take the time to read and judge for yourself.

1. Obedience or Violation of Spiritual Principles.

The rise and fall of Great Leaders and their nations has nothing to do with peoples’ colour or geographic location, but rather with their obedience or violation of God’s laws and principles. Especially by political leaders.

In my observation, the South African political leaders are making this mistake. In the few years since the change of government, they have passed some laws and endorsed practices that are a direct violation of God’s laws and principles. In their quest to create a free democratic secular state, they have violated many spiritual laws.
The violation of these spiritual laws and principles may have serious consequences in the near future. Our political leaders may be democratically right but spiritually wrong. Unfortunately, God cannot be fitted into our democratic systems. It is us who have to fit into His system and comply with His word.

2. The State of the Church.

One of the reasons why God raises nations is to create a platform for the Church. Most nations that became great rose to greatness at the time when they were experiencing spiritual awakening. In other words, God does not raise nations because of the colour of the people in those nations or because they are in preferable geographic locations.
He raises nations because the Church, in those nations, is awakened and needs a platform to reach other nations with the gospel. In my research, I discovered that most nations, and even ethnic groups, experience economic growth, political stability and military strength after experiencing some form of spiritual awakening. On the other hand, nations that declined spiritually also declined economically. The implication is that when the Church in the nation backslides, there would be no need for the platform [nation] to remain strong. In other words, the fall of a nation has more to do with the sluggishness of the Church, in the nation, than the failure of the political system and political leaders. Simply put, the alleged corrupt practices of the President, his allies and the Guptas may not be the main cause of the calamities in the nation, the church is! In fact, the level of corruption in the nation reveals the level of the weakness of the church.

3. The Presence or Absence of a Prophetic Voice.

One of the staggering truths I have discovered as I study the Bible is that behind the rise or fall of nations/kingdoms is the presence or absence of a prophetic voice. This is because God does not raise nations by Himself. Instead, He raises a prophet or prophets who raise/s the nations.

When God wanted to raise the nation of Israel, He called Abraham. When Israel, as a nation, turned away from God and came under defeat, God raised a prophet who turned the nation back to God and restored her to her greatness and time of glory.

This simply means that kings and political leaders are not God’s method of raising nations to greatness. That is why the absence of a prophetic voice in a nation, is a sure sign that that nation is about to collapse, irrespective of her good political system and the capabilities of her political leaders. On the other hand, a nation with a prophetic voice is a nation with a great future.

By saying this, I am not implying preachers who spend the whole day calling names of people and their cell phone numbers. I mean servants of God with a genuine prophetic message for the nation. The unfortunate thing is that, in the absence of such spiritual leaders, witches and wizards find their way into the palace and become the king’s advisers. Thus, bringing the nation under a curse; a recipe for the fall of the nation.

4. Fulfilment of Prophetic utterances.

Prophetic utterances are prophetic words that may be released upon the nation by credible servants of God. Such utterances can determine the rise or the fall of the nation, depending on how the church or the believers in the nation respond. Unfortunately, prophesies do not come to pass on their own. They require the participation of man.

For instance, God told Abraham in the book of Genesis, chapter fifteen, verse thirteen, that his descendants will go into a foreign land and they will be in that land or nation for 400 years. However, the children of Israel were in Egypt for 430 years. (Exodus 12:40). The reason for the 30 year delay could be that God did not find the person to send as the deliverer, at the right time.

5. Demonic Predictions.

Demonic predictions are utterances that a witch or wizard, who occupies a high rank in the demonic spiritual realm of a nation, may predict over the nation. Usually, such high ranking witches and wizards give counsel to political leaders in most nations. If such predictions are not stopped by godly spiritual leaders in the nation, they can come to pass and ultimately, determine the course of the nation. Usually, the nation will take a negative direction because demonic predictions are basically curses.

My mind goes to one man who predicted that the President of one of the popular nations of Africa will not finish his second term in office. Godly spiritual leaders in that nation heard this prediction, but did nothing or very little to stop it from materialising. As a result, what this man said came to pass. The President of that nation was recalled by his party, just a few months before the end of his second term in office. His recall, in my opinion, was a tragedy to his nation and the continent of Africa as a whole.
One prominent leader of the ANC, once said, “ANC will rule South Africa until Jesus comes.” The question is, will his claim come to pass with all of the violations of spiritual principles that are going on in the nation?
We can also ask how his claim will stand in the light of the prophetic utterances by Nicolaas Siener van Rensburg, which he uttered many years ago. Van Rensburg prophesied that Afrikaners will eventually take back the political leadership of the nation of South Africa.
Even though his utterance may not make sense to majority black, South Africans, right now, it is worthwhile giving it some consideration. We must avoid the practice of learning history and never learning from history.
For instance, if I told Afrikaner political leaders, when they were in power, that their oppressive rule over black people would one day come to an end, I could have been imprisoned or even killed. It would not have even crossed his mind that their oppressive rule over black people, in South Africa, would one day come to an end. They were wrong.

When Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. predicted that a “Negro” would rule America one day, he sounded as if he was out of his mind to the majority, that is, white Americans. However, he was right because it happened. In 2008, Barack Obama, an African American, was voted in as the President of the United States of America and was inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States of America, on January 20th, 2009.
It is the same with Dr Nelson Mandela. He too, sounded as if he was out of his mind to most Afrikaners, who were in power at that time, when he said, “I have a dream of a South Africa where all South Africans shall have equal rights.” However, his utterance became a reality too. Nicolaas Siener van Rensburg may sound the same to most black South Africans at this moment, because we learn history and never learn from it!
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    1. Thoroughly enjoyed the article, may God continue to use you to change lives/governments through your writing, preaching and coaching.

  1. Amen ?, great job Sir. However I wish you could include the other “principle” which I believe should be mentioned together with you “five principles”, here I’m talking about the “relations with the “Nation of Israel”. Foreign Policy of every Nation/Country matters a lot to God. The “Rise and Fall” of many nations in the Bible were also one way or another linked to how they treated the “Nation of Israel”.

  2. Dr Kansema what you are saying is happening and some will come to pass. Whether we like it or not you are a true Prophet of God out of millions that God has chos

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