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All successful people are readers, especially in the field where they have succeeded or want to succeed. One of my role models, Dr David Oyedepo, once said, “I could have the largest, personal library in Africa.” No wonder his achievements are mind-boggling.

 If success is your dream and you are determined to obtain this dream, you need to know that studying in the field where you want to succeed is a must. If you seriously want to succeed, you have no choice but to start cultivating good study habits right away. Without studying, you are likely to fail in the pursuit of success.

Here is an important truth every one of us needs to understand. It is that no one does what he or she has not learned to do. Our capability to perform efficiently and effectively is determined by our level of knowledge. That is why one wise man said, “Wisdom is better than strength.”

The passion to fly cannot make someone a pilot. It is passion + knowledge that makes a pilot. The fact that you are passionate about success does not mean you will succeed. Lack of knowledge will hold you back.

I usually say, “One of the skills that can accelerate your success is the skill of committing mind burglary without being arrested.” This means you need to get the information, knowledge, experience and wisdom from successful people and use them in the pursuit of success with or without their permission.

Your question may be, how will I do this without committing a criminal offence? It is very simple. Most successful people talk and write about their success. Through talking and writing, they expose the contents of their minds, which you critically need for the acceleration of your success. If you can attend the meetings were they speak or read their books, you will access their minds and, in a very short space of time, download the information, experience and wisdom that they have accumulated for many years. Once you download them, you can use them for your advantage with or without their permission.

That is how much reading is important. It enables you to access the minds of people who you may never meet or may not be allowed to spend time in their presence even if you met them.

 Habit Forming Actions

  • Read in your field: Identify good writers in the field where you want to succeed. Buy their books and read those books as if you have no tomorrow. Go to the bookshops within 48 hours from the time you finish reading this sentence and buy at least two books. Read those books within 30 days, no matter how big they may be.

 Do you still want to succeed? If your answer is yes, then give no excuses. Go, buy the books and read them. Buying and reading books will cost you a lot of money and time. Most of them are very expensive. But believe me, they are not as expensive as ignorance. In fact, most of the major struggles of your life have been due to your lack of knowledge.

  • Make Reading a habit: The fact that you buy and read two books in one month does not mean you have developed a reading habit. Reading will only be a habit if you keep on reading until it becomes part of your lifestyle. I suggest you start reading a minimum of two books every month for the next 12 months. Does it sound like too much? It depends on how much you want to succeed.

  • Allocate Time: Allocate time for reading daily. Do not only read when you feel like it. Apart from getting information, reading is good for your mind, just as physical exercise is good to your physical body. Most people who do not read are mentally crippled. And the lameness of the mind is the worst lameness that a person can have. Do not wait until tomorrow. Start developing the success habit of reading and studying today.

 Dr Joseph Kansema

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