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Success Trait One: Possessing an Entrepreneur Thinking Mind

It sounds like an insult to state that most people living on planet earth do not think. It sounds this way because most of us have mistaken thinking to just having thoughts float in our minds involuntarily. That’s not the kind of thinking that makes people succeed. It takes intentional and calculative thinking to birth and process money making ideas.
The unfortunate thing is that most of us presume that all it takes to be a thinker is to have a healthy mind. The reality is that it takes more than having a normal and healthy mind to be a constructive and progressive thinker. As bad as it may sound, the truth is that the majority of people living on this planet do not think on purpose. They just allow thoughts that are birthed by situations and circumstances to float in their minds.All successful people are thinkers. They make use of their minds by purposefully processing the information they receive until they conceptualize productive ideas or come up with solutions to problems at hand. On the other hand, none-thinkers meditate on problems and never engage their minds to find solutions.

Before you discover that the greatest asset you have as far as becoming financially successful is the mind, you are far from attaining the financial success that you have always dreamt of. Financial success has very little to do with the availability of financial capital and opportunities, but has a lot more to do with the capital of a thinking mind.Have you realized that there are many people, with different kinds of disabilities, who have succeeded in various fields, but there has never been a person with a mental disability who has ever succeeded? Mentally ill or mad people do not succeed.
This simply means that any person with a normal functioning mind can succeed in life, notwithstanding the physical disabilities he or she may have. Disabilities such as blindness, lameness and so forth, cannot stop a person from succeeding. If this is true, it should also be true that the greatest disability that a person can have is the disability of the mind. I can even go further to say; failure to succeed is not always an environmental or circumstantial problem, but it is always a mind problem.
Mental disability, in this case, does not only mean being mentally ill. It could also mean having an empty mind that has not been enriched with knowledge through learning.
Mental disability is the problem of the African continent. The continent is blessed with great wealth, but the majority of her inhabitants are mentally disabled. And the obvious result is extreme poverty. Poverty, at any level, is not always an environmental or circumstantial problem, but it is always a mind problem.
If you have a dream of succeeding in any area of your life, the first thing you have to do is to start putting your mind to work. To be continued.…
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Dr Joseph Kansema

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  1. Great message Ba pastor, one can only go as far his/her thinking capacity. Lack of proper creative thinking is the worst disability a man can ever be.

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