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How to Succeed Late in Life

Success has no age limit. You can succeed at any age if you are ready to do what it takes for you to succeed. There are many people who struggled in life but succeeded when they were in their late 40s, and some, even in their 50s.

Mr Colonel Sunders founded the KFC franchise at 65. Mr Ray Kroc joined the McDonald brothers when he was 52 and later bought their restaurant. By the time he died at age 81, his personal fortune amounted to about $500 million and the McDonald franchise was worth about $8 billion. Dr Nelson Mandela became the President of South Africa at the age of 77, after having 27 years of his life wasted.

If these people, and many others, succeeded when it looked like they were late, you can succeed too. It all depends on what you are ready to do in order to succeed, notwithstanding your age.

In the next five posts, I will focus on how to succeed when it looks like it is too late to succeed. I will introduce you to common traits and principles that most successful people discovered early in life. If success is your dream, you need to discover, and start to live and practice these traits and principles.

What is success? Success means achieving your dreams and set goals, and therefore, being able to live the quality of life that you have always wanted. Success is easier and cheaper than you think. It is possible to succeed in any area of your life where you wish to, even at your age.

If your dream is to become a millionaire, it is possible to make your first million within a short period of time. People who make millions do not have extra heads, they have one head just like you. Also, they have not lived for more than 100 years. In fact, most of them are even younger than you are. Therefore, you also can succeed.

However, you need to know that financial success is a discovery. It starts by discovering and developing traits and principles of success, and starting to practice them. Success has nothing to do with how long you have lived on earth. In fact, advancing in age without discovering principles of success makes people advance in poverty too.

The age at which you succeed largely depends on when you discover principles of success and start to apply them. Many people have become multimillionaires in their twenties. And most of them did not inherit any wealth from their parents. They just discovered and practiced success traits and principles early in life.

If you are over 40 and have not achieved most dreams of your life, it is already getting late for you. Therefore, do not waste another day thinking that your time will come. Embark on the wealth creating discovery journey from today. Understand that it is the principles that you did not discover, early in life, that have prevented you from succeeding.  If you situation or status has to change, you must make a purposefully and intentional effort to discover those principles. If you believe in prayer and that God will answer your prayers and give you wealth, one of these days, stop praying for God to give you wealth and start to pray for God to give you the wisdom for discovering success principles.

There are five principles and traits that I have discovered to be common among all successful people. These traits are:

  1. Having a Business Thinking Mind
  2. Being a Visionary and Planner
  3. Being a Constant Learner and a Good Listener
  4. Possessing Productive Habits
  5. Discipline and having well Established Work Routines

These traits will be the focus in the next five posts. Get ready for a great discovery that will transform your life. Your life will transform from failure to success faster than you have ever imagined. I encourage you to purchase my book, The Five Common Traits of all Successful People, for your personal study. It’s available on Amazon.

Look out for the next post in two days’ time. Kindly leave your comments and let me know if the articles are adding value to your life.

Dr Joseph Kansema

10 thoughts on “How to Succeed Late in Life”

  1. Yes you have aroused my curiosity because the stuff that you are sharing here are very uplifting.
    But I also have a book that’s not yet written where I have observed how God raised and blessed people in different stages or stations of their lives. Eg Ronald Reagan became president at the age of 69 years old. Morgan Freeman started acting at age 52 while Jimmy Carter won nobel peace prize at the age of 78.
    Moses was called to lead the nation of Israel at the age of 80…
    It will be enlightening to see or read what you have to say in your subsequent episodes.

  2. I thank God that I had an opportunity to read this article. Iam so blessed to learn that with God all things are possible. Thank you for this wonderful encouragement. God bless you as you continue to labour in Him. Amen!

  3. Thanks Dr Kansema. This is encouraging knowing that a person can succeed at any age group. As long as I engage my mind to it deliberately.

  4. Great information and very provoking in bringing productive thinking for wealth creation ideas. God bless you Man of God.From Ng’uni Dickson.

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